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lost in (mis)translation


18 July
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♠ A B O U T ♠
I'm a dedicated yaoi fangirl with a passion for crossovers and rare pairings.
I offically have way too many hobbies and interests that all seem to clamour for attention at the same time.
I tend to spend my time sleeping (not enough lately), writing fanfiction (when I run out of fanfiction to read), reading (generally during class), web coding (any time I can squeeze it in), or playing video games (not so much anymore, sadly).
School also shows up on a regular schedule to drag me kicking and screaming into the real world. Or... I would be kicking and screaming if I was awake enough.

Quite often, I am mistaken as much younger than I really am. The other day someone asked me if I was a high school student. I've been graduated for several years now. This is quite annoying as people tend to not believe I can do what I say I can.

♥ J O U R N A L ♥
Originally, this journal was just to post my random fanfiction stories, some off-the-wall oneshots, and connect to different scanlation groups. It was also made to hold all the icons I have recently gotten pulled into making.
This initial plan has been scrapped rather forcefully by caits, who bugs me to cross post my stuff and generally just post my stuff. I'm still working on that last part...
Eventually, this journal will contain more stories when I can find time to write them.

◊ M I S C ◊
Along with this journal, I have a fanfiction.net account for my multichapter stories and a blogspot for random plot and snippet posting.
× Fanfiction.net [at] Naoi
× Blogspot [at] Voice of My Heart

.: C R E D I T S :.
» Header image is of Ciel from the manga Kuroshitsugi
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