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Title: Pre-orders
Author: rabbit_naoi
Rating: T (for Roxas's language)
Genre: Humour
Warning: Language
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts. Sadly.
Author's Notes: Another oneshot/drabble in the Game Store series. And yes, this stuff actually happens to us.

As the phone rang again, Roxas mentally swore that if it was another fucking emo-fag calling about trading in his Halo Reach, someone was going to die. Axel shot him a half-sympathetic look as he continued to ring up the customer at the counter. Pulling the phone easily from the base, Roxas shot off the new phone line for the week. “Thank you for calling The Game Spot, where you can pre-order your copy of Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood today. This is Roxas, how can I help you?”

“Uh yea…I was wondering if it was possible to pre-order that new Brotherhood game, or if I had to wait for it to come out before buying it?”

He tried. He seriously did, but trying just wasn’t good enough. Did you seriously not hear what I just fucking said?!

Axel ended up yelping as Roxas kicked the poor redhead’s shins on his way to hitting the backboard of the counter.

As he spoke again, Roxas could hear his voice getting higher and faker with each word. “Why yes, sir, you can pre-order it. You only need to come in and place a minimum of $10 down.”

“Oh. Thanks.”

As the line disconnected, Roxas shot a quick look around to make sure the last customer had left before breaking out into a frantic cursing storm behind the counter.

Axel just stayed laughed lightly as he hopped out of range of kicking.