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OGN & Loveless Icon post

I hadn't originally planned on posting any more icons this soon, but caits convinced me that it's okay to post 20 icons at a time. XD (also, I suck at tables, so there's very little spacing between icons)

Many more variations on show here; I seem to have fallen in love with offering multiple versions of an icon in case someone doesn't like one version. Is that selfish? XD If you do happen to see one you want me to change the colour of or something, comment and I'll see what I can do.

[01-22] Okane Ga Nai
[23-49] Loveless
















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{ All the OGN icons are from the cover/insert of the recent chapter release by DP scanlations. The Loveless ones are a smattering from the "For Your Eyes Only" artbook. Expect more of them when I get the time to post again. }