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Messiah icons

So apparently I've been sitting on these icons and didn't realize it. o.O Therefore, this is the much delayed (from whenever) icon post from the lovely Messiah!
**Not sure if I had more planned for this series, but oh well.

[13] Messiah icons

I gaze at the sky and watch a lament of tears rain down...Collapse )

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★  Credit appreciated, but not required

If you're looking for a specific design style from this set (either to emulate, or you wanting me to make you something specific), comment or message me. I'll see what I can do.
Title: Pre-orders
Author: rabbit_naoi
Rating: T (for Roxas's language)
Genre: Humour
Warning: Language
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts. Sadly.
Author's Notes: Another oneshot/drabble in the Game Store series. And yes, this stuff actually happens to us.

Axel ended up yelping as Roxas kicked the poor redhead’s shins on his way to hitting the backboard of the counter.Collapse )
Title: Street Fighter
Author: rabbit_naoi
Rating: T (for Roxas's language)
Genre: Humour
Warning: Language
Disclaimer: I don't own Kingdom Hearts. Sadly.
Author's Notes: Hey look! I'm posting a fic finally! ♥ This is the first in a mini-series of drabbles/oneshots based on the random scenarios that actually happen to me at work. (also known as: yay look! a productive way of ranting about my life!) 

This is Roxas, how may I help you?Collapse )

OGN & Loveless Icon post

I hadn't originally planned on posting any more icons this soon, but caits convinced me that it's okay to post 20 icons at a time. XD (also, I suck at tables, so there's very little spacing between icons)

Many more variations on show here; I seem to have fallen in love with offering multiple versions of an icon in case someone doesn't like one version. Is that selfish? XD If you do happen to see one you want me to change the colour of or something, comment and I'll see what I can do.

[01-22] Okane Ga Nai
[23-49] Loveless

♫ Break my heart... ♫Collapse ) 

× Credit is appreciated!
× Comments = ♥

{ All the OGN icons are from the cover/insert of the recent chapter release by DP scanlations. The Loveless ones are a smattering from the "For Your Eyes Only" artbook. Expect more of them when I get the time to post again. }

Are You Alice? Icon Post

Two days ago, I stumbled across the manga series "Are You Alice?" and immediatly fell in love. Yesterday, I downloaded what I could of the scanlations and spent several hours making icons for the series.
What was going to be a 20 icon post evolved into an 88 icon post because I just loved making them.
I only when through the first three chapters in the manga, so I still have some images left I can iconize later (I got tired z.z). I also discovered the magic property of variations, so many of these are the same image, just with small differences (colour change, no text, etc). Mine are also different from some of the other icons for Are You Alice that I have seen in that I was too lazy to colour mine in... eh, I've got a corner on the market then.

Alice [37]
Cheshire Cat [12]
Mad Hatter [11]
Queen of Hearts [7]
White Rabbit [4]
Mary Ann [3]
Pairs [12]

Fall into WONDERLANDCollapse )

Icon Post Time

Soooo, first ever icon post, and I'm quite nervous/excited about it.
At first, this was only meant to be a Casshern icon post, but it kind of evolved on it's own as I was working on it. Blame Cloud and Reno. So, instead of only having like 25 Casshern icons, it has 68 icons from all over the place. Enjoy. ♥
It also took forever for me to figure out how to make this post...

Give credit to me if you use any of them.

[01-19] Casshern
[20-46] Final Fantasy
[47-49] Sukisyo
[50-51] Yami no Matsui
[52-58] Okane Ga Nai
[59] Vassalord
[60] Gravitation
[61] Lost Boys
[62-68] Misc.

The rest of the batch is hiding back here.Collapse )


Man, I really need to get into the habit of posting on this thing. -pokes laptop- I am definantly not a social networking type of person.

In a continuation/amendment to my previous post. Do not try and get into a multi-verse war unless you know what you are doing. My novel ended up having 7 different dimensions all pulled into a war against a race called the Technomages, which I then had to design weaponry, clothing, and technology for. It was haaaard. I did end up finishing with 53K though, so yay for small miracles. X)
Cait will be getting a pretty, slashy picture of Harius and Eorin for finishing her novel, and I'm throwing in a free Armand/Severus pic since she didn't give up. ^^ Those two will be up by Christmas. I may even have a third surprise for everyone if I can get a friend of mine to cooperate. ~.^

So, now I here attempting to post an update to this blog instead of doing my 5 page History final that's due tomorrow. ... I know, I should really go write that thing, but I find fanfiction so much more interesting. Besides, do you know how much I can learn about Ancient Egypt from Yu-Gi-Oh! and Stargate? Plus, Gundam Wing has taught me a ton more physics than even my physics class, not to mention the Latin from Harry Potter, Italian from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, art history from Get Backers, medical stuff from House, and Chinese Mythology from Fushigi Yuugi. Plus, when you actually plan to write a fanfiction, that means even more information searching and learning. ^^ It's all a big learning spree. Now, if only I could convince my parents and teachers that...

Since finals are almost over though, I've been writing out several new plot ideas and chapter outlines. So far, so good. I have some more chapters of Duskborn outlined and Cait and I are hard at work on getting two new updates ready for next week. Hopefully, we can still get Harry into Forks by Christmas for everyone! NaNo unexpectedly cut into my fanfiction writing time. I'm also dragging the old VHS player back out so I can finsh up CinderAllen. After that, I have abour three new plot ideas firmly swirling around my head. I have found a beta for one already, so Blue Skies should be posted on my fanfiction account by the end of the year.

Maa, so much to do, so little time.